Saturday, July 15, 2006

Wood pile's new home

I spent today, one of the hottest days we've had so far this summer, sanding wood trim. I also glued up some cracked boards. SPF 30 and lots of water.

Steve spent today making a new home for wood pile in the garage, which also will make the task of staining all the trim for the upstairs possible.

Where do you put all this trim while it's drying?

On a drying rack. Isn't it beautiful? The sanded boards are safely tucked in. I probably sanded about 25% of the overall boards today. And I'm really pleased to report that my hands are not numb (that has happened to me before!).


ben said...

Oooo, a drying rack. I'm jealous!

Trissa said...

Very nice drying rack! Great job on sticking with it during the heat. The nicest part about refinishing wood is that you get to enjoy the results for so long. I am still very happy with our doors, although I'm not looking forward to refnishing the trim.

allison said...

Well, I am definitely impressed with your persistence and organizational skills. The last time we stripped wood it was on site and a mess, so the fact that you took it all off is a major bonus. Good luck putting it all back on and surviving the heat.