Saturday, May 27, 2006

And the award goes to....

Steve and Jocelyn for maximum use of Home Depot and I-Go car in one day(and no we did not drive on the highway like this in case anyone is wondering).

As we tied a garden cart and patio chair to the roof in the Home Depot parking lot, I didn't feel silly like I often do when we tie things to the roof of the car we are driving. Rather, I felt proud of our ingenuity to get things done with whatever means we have available. I believe this is part of what drives us with the house too. That and we want a nice place to live of course.

We went to the following stores yesterday: Lowe's, Home Depot, Decorator Hardware, Buy the Yard, and Abt.

And of course, there was the requisite visit to the nearby Steak and Shake after working up an appetite in HD.
I'll post the results of our shopping expedition soon. We didn't accomplish everything we would have liked, but we made a dent.

And we realized how much work we have to do.


Ms. P in Jackson said...

Cute Pic! The I-go car thing is so cool, I'd love to be able to dump the car, tags, insurance and gas. Jackson is way too small for this kind of thing to work though.

Aunt Jo said...

Smart! I-go sounds like a cool program. It would never work here, but if it would, I'd participate.

M said...

Sounds like Evanston! We often do the Home Depot and Steak n Shake double header up there too. I wish we had some closer to us though (Steak n Shakes, that is - we have the Home Depots).

merideth said...

that is some impressive beverly hillbillies jalopy skill! and i thought we were the masters!