Sunday, May 28, 2006

Did someone mention knobs?

Decorator Hardware has more than a few to choose from. The problem, they are not cheap. Now for our kitchen we got knobs from Rejuvenation, which ran us between $7-$12 a pop. But for a rental apartment, we don't want to go that crazy.

Has anyone found any nice knobs for around $3 each?
We saw some at Home Depot we liked but they were out of stock. We will try and get those if we can find them in stock.

We have the same dilemna with the bathroom fixtures. The things we like are expensive and we don't care for what HD carries. Like Goldilocks, we need something right in the middle.

Later on, we could add nicer knobs up there. Right now, we have too many other things to spend money on.


dandyapple said...

hey guys, In our last house, I bought these pulls-
and these knobs-
I was very impressed with the quality for the price. They were nice and heavy. I think they were solid brass coated in nickel. I liked them so much I plan on putting them in this kitchen when we paint the cabinets. I think they have colors other that the nickel as well.

StuccoHouse said...

Believe it or not, Target has some nice hardware that are made by Liberty Hardware. I just bought some for a friend of mine that is rehabbing his kitchen cabinets. The ocassionally go on sale on their website.

amanda said...

Restoration Hardware has an outlet near my house. They have a subset of the regular R.H. selection. You may have an outlet near you, or if you send me styles that you like, I can check out the selection when I'm there next week. They're all 50% off retail at the outlet.

joel and stephanie said...

Our resource for cheap but nice hardware has been D Lawless Hardware. The minimum purchase is $50 but the shippping is free. We have done several houses with the 1920 glass knobs and they usuallr run a buch and some change.

Jocelyn said...

I really appreciate all these ideas and will check them out.

and N-on-Elm,
I am jealous you have the outlet nearby. I'll see what we can come up with and I may take you up on your offer if it isn't too much trouble for you. Thank you

amanda said...

No trouble at all! Just let me know!