Thursday, May 11, 2006

We got it!

We've got our permit! It's funny how all the angst of things led up to this simple solution. The main demons were the unknown, what the city would require and of course, if we could afford it.

Things are looking good with our budget and timetable. Our tenants have said they are moving out the weekend of May 20th and I've seen some boxes come in for packing.

We have signed contracts with our electrician and contractor. They are ready to start as soon as the tenants leave and we remove the trim for stripping.

This weekend we are headed to Home Depot to do the cabinet configuration for the kitchen with one of their consultants. We did this for our kitchen with Kraftmaid cabinets and it worked out pretty well. The lead time on cabinets is longest so we want to get them ordered right away.

Then we are going to meet our Stripper Man who will remove all the paint from the trimwork and doors. I can't wait to see his operation. Maybe he'll let me take some photos, we'll see.

He says he will pick up the wood from here too, which saves us some hassle.

In the kitchen, we are doing a few things differently than we did on our floor. We are using a corner sink for one thing, which will be a nice touch. We are also having some upper cabinets since the pantry upstairs will be made smaller for bedroom closet space and thus will need more storage. The nice thing is we've been through the whole kitchen and bath projects before so we know exactly what we need to buy for supplies etc...

We're keeping the maple floors and Steve is building a smaller version of some of the custom shelving too. I think it will be a pretty darn nice apartment by the time we are done- good enough for us to move into should we decide to...Stay tuned...

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Christiane said...

Yay for you on the permit! Those things are so stressful. Here's to smooth sailing from now on :)