Friday, May 05, 2006

Please sir, might we have a permit?

Steve went down to the Permit Office this morning and we hit a small snag. He showed them our plans and said we were doing new electrical and drywall. And they said, "Anything else?" And he nonchalantly sid, "Oh, and we are adding a dishwasher." They then told him we'd have to have mechanical drawings, and a licensed plumber install it, etc...etc...

So Steve left, annoyed because we could have had all that ready had we known we needed it. Except for one thing. We don't want to take a chance that the city will tell us we need a larger than 1" water line going into the building for this minor change so we are going to skip the dishwasher...for now (ejem).

So he has to go back now next week and tell them that we eliminating the d/w because this is just a rental unit and we can't deal with any complications right now, etc... He was a bit disappointed, but it could have been worse.

We always want to do everything to code and we will even pay for permit fees, but we just can't go bankrupt renovating our house- we just have to draw the line there.

Just thought I'd post our experiences in case anyone can learn from them. Not such interesting reading I'm sure.

On a more fun note: Tomorrow I am going to poly the quarter round moulding for the kitchen and entry so we can install it as soon as the 2 coats are dry. We can also try our our new manual miter saw.

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