Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Back Porch

We have an enclosed back porch. I doubt it's original simply because a wood porch would not last that long. The porch was probably enclosed in the 1970's judging by the panelling and the windows. Our posts need to be replaced that much is for sure.

We've talked about tearing down the porch and having a deck built, but it's possible we could just replace the posts and freshen it up. We're not doing that right now of course, but with our tenants moving out next weekend, we decided to address another issue related to the porch.

I didn't take a photo before, but if you look at the photo here, you can see where there was a wall earlier today.
See where the gray paint ends? There was a full wall with a door that separated the stariwell from the landing.

It was a very tight squeeze and no one could possibly move in or out through there. A larger person would almost have to sqeeze through as a matter of fact! Well, no more. Now the tenants can move in and out through the back.

The bonus is that it has a much more open feel and lets some more light into our kitchen.

Here's the view from our back door. We are thinking we will put a storm/screen door on so we can keep our back door open and not let critters or flies in.

I'm planning to repaint it and clean it up a bit. I pulled an old radiator cover out of the basement and I'm using it as a plant table. I'll paint it too and I'll have a nice herb/flower garden to look out on from the kitchen.


Kristin said...

wow, I'm jealous of your cute little enclosed porch.

Natasha Braden said...

Very nice..I think I might try to attempt this myself