Thursday, May 25, 2006

World's longest move out

I think our tenants are going for some kind of record.
5 boxes a day or something over a period of 2 weeks.
The good news is: They are Moving!!! It's the end of a not so great era!

I can hardly wait to get upstairs and dance around the vacant apartment and best of all...take the treasured "before" photos. It's so close I can taste it.

and...we just got a call from our contractor who is ready to start the post replacement job and our electrician asking for a start date. woo hoo!

and...tomorrow we are going to Abt to buy the appliances among other things. Busy weekend ahead.


Ms. P in Jackson said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Your tenants have been a real eye-opener for me. Can you imagine ever having been so obnoxious when you were a renter? Amazing.

I'm looking forward to lots of reno pictures.

merideth said...

but hoooray! they are FINAALY going! if you wanted to do a little dance, i dont think anyone would begrudge you a little celebratory cha cha!

allison said...

Good riddance to those tenants. Boy, it makes you really think twice about being a landlord. Those stories were pretty incredible. Good luck with the next stage. It will be nice to have some peace of mind for awhile. By the way, would you consider adding our blog as a link on your site? Here’s a link so you can check it out.

Jocelyn said...

Thanks guys.
Allison, being a landlord is not always fun that's for sure. But, hopefully this next run will be much better.

I always try to keep in mind that we have an "income property" and with that comes some hassles, but eventually we will make money on it and maybe even be able to take over the whole building someday...

Patricia, When I was a renter I was pretty much a perfect tenant. I kept my apts. spotless and paid my rent on time (except during college I'm afraid I had some $ problems).

The main tenant approached me yesterday and apologized again for any inconvenience. I said I wished him the best. It's funny how you get a little cynical and think, "He just wants his security deposit back fast." We told ourselves if they were really inconsiderate at the end and with moving out, we would make them wait the full 45 days the law allows to get their $ back. That was our little trump card, but they were really pretty good the last few weeks.

It's almost over now...