Thursday, May 04, 2006

Can you repeat that please?

Life can be pretty funny at times. I got back from Las Vegas and I wasn't feeling so great. Got a sinus infection and then noticed this strange rash on my left thigh. It was itchy and red and I was worried (after watching too many Dateline shows about the subject ) that I was a victim of bed bugs! I went to the doctor and she told me that an irritated nerve and stress caused a recurrence of Chicken Pox!

I can demo a room, dry wall it, strip loads of lead paint off wood, dig a new garden bed with no ill effects. Put me at a trade show in Las Vegas for a weekend (sans drinking, smoking, or gambling) and become so stressed I get sick in a few different ways.

Yes, I'm a homebody.

Fortunately I only have it in a few areas and I'm staying home from work for a few days to rest up. It's just a mild outbreak and I only have spots in a few places, but it's icky to me.

On the home front, Steve is going to see the city for a permit tomorrow. He got a call today and they said he didn't need an appt. for our type of job- just walk in. So hopefully, he'll come home with the permits tomorrow!

And since I am low on energy and conserving, I am just going to congratulate Nick and Trissa over at Pigeon Point on their soon to arrive baby!! I'm happy for you both- hope you read this!

And Greg- I wish I had your energy ! I've been reading but not commenting lately- but I'm always lurking about.

And to all other housebloggers: Beware Las Vegas!


SmilingJudy said...

I had an outbreak of shingles a few years back, so I know how you feel. I got it at the exact same time as David Letterman. Fortunately, I was unlike Dave in that it stayed away from my eyes. Did you know it can cause blindness?! Yeah, an obsessive resting in bed with wireless internet is a dangerous thing.

It was so odd for someone this young to get shingles, that the doctor got all excited when he realized what it was. Then, he asked if he could bring in a visiting intern to have a look. Ugh. Just what I want to be -- a test case. The doc gave me a 'script for Valtrex, which I was thoroughly embarassed to fill.

Sorry to ramble, but we oddballs need to stick together. :) Hope you feel better soon!

Emerld said...

Omg! Chicken Pox! Wild. I'm done planting for the season and will post pics when I upload them. Relatives coming this weeken and next. Insanely busy. I"m so jealous of our Vegas trip! It's not fair! And we're selling the Cicero building. Long story

Gary said...

Hmmmm. Methinks you need a red cross on your door....

Jocelyn said...

I had the Valtrex precription to fill too-- a bit embarressing I know.

The only solace is the break from work I am getting, but I am working from home a bit anyway...

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jocylyn! We hope you're feeling better!