Thursday, May 18, 2006


We have to decide on some things soon for the 2nd floor project. Like....

What kind of doors we are going to put over the awning- do we put real French doors or do we put sliding doors that just look like real doors. We are looking at Pella and Andersen. We, of course, prefer the authentic door with sidelights or French doors for obvious reasons. But sliding doors will not take up space in the room and they are a bit less money. I think we are leaning towards real doors.

We selected the cabinets and we are using Kraftmaid Lexington style in Toffee. These are mid-priced and way nicer than what you see in most apartments. Steve is making a few custom maple shelves to go over the sink, which will make it a bit more custom looking.

Lighting-wise, we are going with all Rejuvenation and Schoolhouse Electric. It is going to be very nice. I am going to wish I lived up there!

For the ceiling fan, we saw an article in Old House Journal this month that featured more authentic vintage style fans. We like the Hunter Classic Series. Most of the ones at Home Depot are hideous monstrosities. We have an ugly one in our living room right now that we are going to replace with one of the Classic Series too.

There are other things, but this is all I can bear to think about right now. (Bathroom fixtures, appliances, kitchen sink!)

I neglected to report on our visit to the "Stripper Man" last weekend. I have to admit I was somewhat sobered and mildly frightened after meeting him. His shop was really bare bones. He said he had "just moved" from up the street. It was actually a store front with a beauty salon next door and I didn't see any respirators anywhere.

We came in and he was sleeping in a chair and he jumped up and said, "Sorry, I had a rough night." It's the kind of thing where you worry about him disappearing and us not being able to get our wood back. I am probably being a nervous Nelly. I mean, Steve called him 6 months ago and he was in business. He does work for Jan's and Salvage One. He's the under the radar cheapest guy.

My gut and my conscience doesn't like it but we don't have much choice as everyone else is 4 times more money and we don't have time to do it ourselves. We're just going to have to gamble a little on this one. It will probably be okay. Suspense in renovation yet again.


Greg said...

The stripper guy would make me nervous as well. Maybe only give him a bit at a time and pick it up as you deliver the next batch. That way, if he does flake, it would be with all the wood trim.

Jocelyn said...

That's not a bad idea. I was thinking we'd ask Jan and Salvage One for a reference. That way if I knew that they trust him with expensive wood doors etc...maybe we'd be ok.

merideth said...

wow. that place is going to be the nicest apartment ever! it's going to be beautiful.

which model(s) from schoolhouse are you going with? We used them for our kitchen and i couldnt be more pleased.

K. said...

What an exciting project! Can't wait to see the finished product.

Jocelyn said...

Hey Meredith- I'll post the light we are using soon- I know we are using the Prescott in both bedrooms with shade OP-2264-14-6. I'm glad to hear you are happy with them. We've gotten quite a few lights from Rejuvenation for our floor, but have not tried Schoolhouse yet- it's good to hear a favorable comment on them. Their painted shades are to die for as far as I'm concerned!

Jen said...

We recently tried to hire a Stipper Man - did not go well. He was a one man show (even though he said he had a team). We checked his references - all said he did good work but, slow. "Slow" is the operative word. It took Jimmy of "Jimmy's Painting" more than four weeks to get thru half of our base board and windows in the living room. Eventually, we had to let him go. We're still waiting on our "half" deposit. Do not use him. We have decided to put off the stripping in that room - and are working on painitng another room. Let me know how your guy works out - we may want to hire him.

Jocelyn said...

Jen- sorry to hear that! I truly wish I had the time to do it myself- but I just can't.

I'll post how it goes- are you in Chicago?

Jen said...

Yep, we're in chicago - lakeview area.

Please let us know how it goes.