Friday, December 22, 2006

Santa's Coming

I can't let the holiday go by without wishing all the housebloggers that continue to inspire and amaze a very Merry Christmas. And of course, to anyone who reads about us and our antics here.
I hope everyone does exactly what we are all supposed to do on the holidays, put your feet up and RELAX.
Happy Holidays to all!
Steve & Jocelyn


Emerld said...

Merry Christmas to you ! Congrats on the new tenants. The apartment is beautiful. Wish I could move in. LOL. We're still 1 rent short now. Wish us luck next year in selling this piece of junk!

merideth said...

merry christmas and happy new year back atcha!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! I'm wishing for a chicago 2flat of my own...

fyi, not sure of the quality, but the JC Penny outlet had 1' wood blinds on sale. (not sure if this is the right link, but it was on|SearchDepartment|SearchProducts|25437&FromBanners=N&S4DeptID=25437&S4PageNum=1&S4PageSize=28&S2HighLight=False&Dep=window

Oh, and I'll marry Steve's clone based on that medicine cabinet alone. :D

Anonymous said...

Does Steve know of a book titled Made in Oakland:Furniture of Gary Knox Bennett?

It was published in 01/01 with an insightful foreword written by Arthur Danto.

If he has any opinions on it, especially about the preface,in regards to his production perhaps he would share them.

Jocelyn said...

Thanks all :)

anon- He hasn't hear of it, but I'll keep an eye out for it and let you know.