Saturday, October 28, 2006

It's a keeper

Without further ado, behold the iron railing. It's been such a long time coming, and it went up so easily (we did not install it so easy for me to say), it's almost anti-climactic.

We like it. We think we'll keep it.

And for those of you who missed the saga of the iron railing, or those who care to take a stroll down memory lane, let's do a recap.

We started our journey with a desire to get rid of the tacked on panel on the front of our building. We suspected that at some point, the original french doors were removed so the space above the entry could become a small third bedroom.

Here you see a view from inside the small room before demolition.

And as you can see, that view has changed.

Here is a close up of the railing. It is very true to Steve's drawing. Three coats of Sherwin Williams Industrial and Marine Coating in Black later, it looks more wrought-iron-esque than when just primed.

This is going to sound like bragging, but our welder told us that a customer came in and saw our railing in his shop and said, "I want a railing exactly like that one." Damn. We really should have copyrighted that design.

And we have a few more things planned for the front of the building. In the Spring, we plan to put in a nice cloth awning.
And eventually, Steve plans to build double doors, which will be bringing the building back to what was originally there also.


Greg said...

Now, that's what it should look like. Very nice.

Poppy said...

Good call on putting in the French doors and the iron railing. It looks great!

Enjoy reading your blog :)

Stephen said...

Well worth the wait. The facade looks "proper" now!. Congrats on the design. I love the exposed lintels over your windows too.


jm@houseinprogress said...

That is so lovely!

The Old Man said...

Wow. It looks so much better now. Congrats!

Jocelyn said...

Thanks everyone! Now we just need to find tenants...

allison said...

I agree. The French doors, railing and refurbished woodwork make a huge difference. Don't worry. The tenants will come. Have faith!