Thursday, October 05, 2006

Punch List

We're down to the punch list for the 2nd floor!
Our contractor has pretty much finished his punch list- now we have ours to finish.

On the list:
*Fill, sand, prime and paint 3 radiator covers. (about halfway there as of tonight) At left you see them before I started- kinda dingy looking.

*Finish and install the masterpiece (medicine cabinet). We just ordered the glass shelves yesterday.
*Scrape kitchen & front door jambs and then stain them or paint them if all else fails.
*Touch up wood on staircase.
*Detail clean staircase corners.
*Replace carpet (maybe...)
*Clean back porch and remove old fridge.
*Clean up basement.

It's alot of what I call "busy work", little things that add up to alot of time. Cleaning up thoroughly after a big construction job takes alot of time and energy, but we're getting there.

And after all this, we can start on what I really would rather be doing- work on the first floor finish work.

I have 2 closet doors to fill, sand and stain and then install.
And we are going to add some built-ins to my closet.
Then we'll get the den office set up for Steve.
And after that, we can build our own pantry shelving unit.
Okay, I feel like going to bed now.


Greg said...

What about renters!? Have you decided on renters?

Jocelyn said...

We have a guy coming this weekend who seems very interested. He's moving back from CA. Hopefully we find someone soon, but we won't settle. We'll go into debt first!