Sunday, October 22, 2006

Our Punch List is knocking us out

In case anyone thinks we've been lounging with our feet up this past week, I'm here to report otherwise. I did take a mini-break from blogging though. We've made some real headway on our final Punch List for the 2nd floor, but we still have some things left.

At left you see Steve's medicine cabinet. It needs to be varnished, and then he can install it.

We decided to accept the iron railing this week and Steve picked it up. We have gotten 2 coats of paint on it with one more to go. Our contractors will install it this coming weekend- very exciting! Here's a sneak preview.

We also had our favorite electrician come and clean up our phone wiring in the basement. There were wires all over the place and we are trying to tidy things up down there. This, of course, made me look around the basement more closely and see again all the bx wire and hodge podge electrical work down there. The basement needs ALOT of work and will be our next area of improvement. I think we will do alot of that ourselves to save money.


Anonymous said...

Did Steve make that medicine cabinet from scratch? (I'm guessing so--he's good.) Very nice!

Patrick said...

Looking good! I love the iron railing...It's going to look great.

Jocelyn said...

Yep- he built it from scratch. Thanks!

christine said...

Oh I wish I could find a medicine cabinet like that here! It's so beautiful. That husband of yours is so dang talented.

Go see my choices on my blod for our bathroom setup. I need help.

Anonymous said...

Check out the medicine cabinets at