Friday, September 29, 2006

Stairway to heaven

The stairwell to the 2nd floor has been drywalled, taped, painted. The trim was stripped by our contractor, stained and reinstalled.

Here you see the door that our contractor re-veneered and completely rebuilt. It is the original door and it looks like new.

Here's a close up shot of the trim work in the stairwell. Now we just need to clean the carpet and wipe down the steps. The stairs themselves are only stained, so if we ever wanted to strip them or have them sanded, it wouldn't be too bad. For now, they are fine.

We used the same paint colors as the front entry to keep a nice flow into the building.

I am at a really weird place with our project. I have this incredible impatience to finish, yet feel completely overwhelmed by all the little stuff I have to do. They say it's the little stuff that always gets to people, and in my experience this is totally true.

I can spend all summer refinishing 1900 feet of wood trim, but give me a list with a bunch of little things and I go insane.

Also, Steve's parents are coming tomorrow and I was trying to clean for them. There is so much dust around, my dust bunnies have dust carrots. I did my best to clean up, but it will take a few good cleanings to really get all the dust out of here.

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The Old Man said...

Dust carrots! ROTFL!