Monday, September 04, 2006

First peek at the coffered ceiling

There were only about 4 boards that had to be refabricated. A few boards got a wee bit warped in the (dip) stripping process also. This caused some very small gaps where the boards meet in the inside corners. Our contractor came up with a great solution to add some trim in those areas (consistently of course).

We are really really happy with it. Miro and his Dad are quite the finish carpenters.

Of our list of things to accomplish we did pretty well.
* Selecting the granite slab for the counter top. (done)
* Finishing the remaining new base molding, picture molding & bead board. (done!!)
* Stripping all door hardware. (done)
* More tuckpointing on the roof for Steve. (yep)
* Getting our final drawings for the iron railing to our welder. (not yet)
* Ordering window treatments & some closet hardware. (whoops)
* Starting the assembly of the medicine cabinet. (not)

But we did some things that were not on the list including:
*Assembling the kitchen shelving unit that Steve made.
*Repairing and sanding kitchen door, dining room door, and 1 closet door. We are almost about half way there on the doors I'd say.

Seeing the coffered ceiling back in place: priceless

BTW- here is what the ceiling looked like before...


Laurie said...

Wow. absolutely gorgeous. Your house is becoming more amazing by the day!!

Greg said...

I’m impressed. I’ve had this sinking feeling ever since you mentioned you were going to remove it that it wouldn’t go back up. Way to go!

merideth said...

i LOVE a coffered ceiling and yours doesnt disappoint. Just beautiful!

misschrisc said...

What a change! I love the new ceiling. That is so pretty.

Kristin said...

Oh your ceiling is so impressive and lovely! You guys are my heroes.