Friday, September 01, 2006

Busy weekend ahead

There has been an incredible amount of progress upstairs in the past week! The pace has really picked up, which puts Steve and I under pressure to deliver our parts of the job.

The coffered ceiling is almost finished being put back. All I can say is it was well worth the effort to have it stripped. Pictures soon I promise.

The cabinets are in. The appliances are here but not yet installed.

The electricans are coming tomorrow (cross your fingers) and will install all the light fixtures and switches etc...

The bathroom tile will be completed this weekend.

All the door jambs and doors will be installed this weekend. I haven't even gotten to sand them yet so we'll have to remove them to do this and put them back.

Steve has been working on grinding out the failing joints in the parapet wall this week. He's made good progress. I need to get some pictures there too.

On our agenda this weekend:
* Selecting the granite slab for the counter top.
* Finishing the remaining new base molding, picture molding & bead board.
* Stripping all door hardware.
* More tuckpointing on the roof for Steve.
* Getting our final drawings for the iron railing to our welder.
* Ordering window treatments & some closet hardware.
* Starting the assembly of the medicine cabinet.

I feel rushed and I hate feeling rushed. I hate that the doors are being put in before being finished, but we can remove them and sand them outdoors.

We even have a few people scheduled to view the apartment on Sunday!


Scott in Washington said...

I hate being rushed too, but at least its better than waiting.... and waiting...

I hope you get good renters this time. I think you have good rent karma or chi or whatever built up in spades.

I actually just left a question for you and Meredith over at her blog. I know you are busy right now, but please pop over there if you get time.


Scott in Washington said...

Hey Jocelyn,

Thanks for the advice. I actually found a review Jeanne, over at h.i.p. wrote on the Silent Paint Remover tool. I want one! It looks very useful for this application and would be good for all the flooring glue I still have to contend with. In the mean time I think I'll try the heat gun and then Strypeeze, steel wool, alcohol combo you recomended.

Thanks again,