Friday, September 22, 2006

Remember the 1st floor?

Most of the inside work done on our building has been all about the 2nd floor this summer- except for the fact that we had our den/office completely renovated! I'll show you the before photos for reference.

The plaster walls were dingy and lumpy and the ceiling was coated with popcorn plaster and coming loose. The wood work was painted white many many times.

From the dining room, you saw a thermostat, not exactly the most attractive thing that could go on that wall we thought.

Incidentally, my clothes are usually stored in the den closet and I've been without a real closet now since June. I've had these portable wardrobes-one in the kitchen and one in the dining room. The dining room one collapsed today in honor of my birthday I think. (Yes, it really is my birthday-I'm being low key about it)

Anyone who has lived through the displacement of renovation will understand how good it feels to put things back where they belong. I can't wait to put my closet back.

We also added a light to
the closet so I can see my clothes.

I had stripped some of the wood trim before the demo-just because I was ansy.

We gutted the plaster walls and ran new conduit. We had the wood stripped along with the upstairs trim and refinished it.

We moved the thermostat to a more unobtrusive place and added a sconce.

And we stripped and repainted the radiator.

The ceiling light is from Schoolhouse Electric. We are happy with the quality and will most likely buy a similar one for our bedroom.

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SmilingJudy said...

Had you mentioned this before? I don't think I even knew this project was going on. It looks lovely. The paint color is fab.

Hope you had a happy bday, in spite of the closet issues.