Wednesday, September 06, 2006

More Trim In!

The morning light upstairs is quite nice as you can see from these photos. Our building faces east/west so you get good light and a nice crossbreeze off the lake, which is to the east 2 blocks away.

Miro has gotten alot of trim installed. Here is the Pocket Door, which we will have to sand and stain in place.

Here is the trim around the sliding patio doors. Steve is submitting the schematics for the iron railing today, so we should have that soon.

We are putting picture molding where that line is.

If we were living up there, we'd add more color (paint) but since it's an apartment (for now) we want it to be more neutral.

Last night Miro installed the transom window and trimwork. Over the weekend, I sanded and stained the back door that goes here. I expect he'll wait a while to install that door. Not having doors makes moving around very easy.

In some cases Miro had to fabricate new pieces of wood and those are the unstained parts you'll see around. I have to stain those in place.

Here's a view of the trim for the entry to the living room. That unstained piece of coffered ceiling is not new wood. Miro wanted to install it before I could finish staining that piece. Like I've said: pressure.

Tonight I am going to power clean the bathroom floor (white hex tile) so he can install the fixtures in there. The tiling is done and will be finished grouting today.

Okay, now I need to go blow dry my hair so I can go to work! Priorities you know.


Allison said...

What are you using to power clean the tile?

Anonymous said...

hi, i'm new to all of this. i need to clean my 95 year old mother's kitchen and bathroom, which have gotten pretty much out of hand. you can power wash indoors????!!!!! please tell me what machine you use!!!!!!