Sunday, September 24, 2006

A (belated) Happy Birthday (to me)

Friday was my birthday. It also rained all day.
In fact, it was tornado weather in these parts and trees were downed in the park a few blocks from us. I was worried about our not-complete roof a bit, but we made it okay.

I got lots of flowers this year so I'm sharing here. It smells very nice with 3 big bouquets.

Because it was my birthday and I am just totally beat, I lightened up a bit on the work. This means I slept till 9am and didn't really start working till 10am both days. And I quit before 3pm.

I'm still on birthday break. So I'll post more this week on what was accomplished.


Jennifer said...

Hey, it was my birthday on Friday, too! I've been lurking awhile, so I figured this was a good opportunity to come out of hiding. You guys do great work. Happy Birthday!

Greg said...

Happy B-Day. You deserve a break. Next time sleep in until 9:15.

jm@houseinprogress said...

Happy Birthday Jocelyn!

purejuice said...

ooohhh dahlias! happy birthday! you do deserve a sleep in. and a massage and a pedicure too. enjoy.