Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Night Moves

We're still pretty busy, although things are coming to an end game with the 2nd floor. Steve headed up to the roof to set up his work area. He has grinded out almost all the joints on the parapet wall.

Now he'll have to chip off the mortar on the top pieces because they are looses and will have to be rebuilt.

I say he, but actually I've been recruited as helper.

Steve also glued up the backboard of his medicine cabinet.

Meanwhile, I got out the Easy Off and cleaned the oven. And scrubbed the bathtub. Steve's parents are coming this weekend and I don't want them to feel too sorry for us.

Plus, I just can't face any more sanding right now. What I really should have been doing was sanding the radiator covers, but I just couldn't summon the strength.

I think cleaning the oven was somehting I could complete tonight, which is partially why I wanted to do it.

Anyway, the view from the roof is kind of interesting in a very city neighborhood kind of way. To me, anyway. It was quite beautiful up there on the roof with the soft wind and cooler fall air.

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