Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wood floors: Before and After

The floors were sanded and refinished on Tuesday! The bad news that I already posted about is that this is the last sanding for them.

I know our contractor thinks we should have replaced them now. He also told Steve this week in reference to our radiators, "Why don't you get rid of those stupid things?" He must be tired of moving them.

We had to draw the line somewhere financially. These floors could last a while if taken care of.

I think the floors look lovely sanded and cleaned up myself.

Here's the view from the dining room to the hallway to the kitchen...

...and after refinishing.

Here's one of the bedrooms before and after.

Not everything has to be brand new to be beautiful. If we felt that way, we'd be living in new construction and not a 1910 2-flat!


merideth said...

you said it! if we wanted new, we'd live in new houses. The floors look lovely. And once you've had hardwood, you'll never go back.

Wait. that was your joke. ;)

Anonymous said...

They look beautiful! I love the variation in color and texture. Reminds me of our hardwoods.

Unknown said...

would you be willing to give the name of the people that did your floors or your contractor?

Jocelyn said...

RP- If you email me and tell me who you are, I will give you the info:

I don't put referrals on my blog. They are on Angie's List though if you are a member.