Saturday, August 26, 2006

I have a boo boo

This is the time of year for bees. My yard is swarming with bees. They are all over my hollyhock-type plant and cone flowers in the backyard. Strangely enough they seem to like the sweet smell of sanded oak. I see them land on boards and try to pollinate them to no avail. The wood just isn't receptive to it.

They pretty much leave me alone and I wear OFF! to make sure they do.

But last weekend I noticed some poisonous nightshade growing on my neighbors fence, which adjoins our front yard. Of course I had to start yanking it off and next thing I knew a bee was on my head. I began flailing my arms about in the way people do when they are being attacked by bees. If the neighbors were watching, I'm sure they had a little laugh.

The bee came back at me and hit my shoulder, but it didn't manage to get the stinger all the way in. It only hurt a little so I don't think I was fully stung.

This "mini-sting" took almost a week to go away and it was quite itchy.

You think I would have learned my lesson right? No, of course I didn't. This morning as I did a little weeding, I decided to eradicate the rest of this deadly plant. And this time I did get stung. And it hurt. And it swelled up quite a bit.

Of course I took it like a man.

I had to show it to all our contractors and get sympathy. And every time Steve came my way, I said, "See my boo boo." There's something about a bee sting that makes you feel like a kid again. Sorry, but I had to show you guys my boo boo too.


Greg said...

Ouch! With in the last hour I almost fell off the ladder while trying to swat at a Yellow Jacket. The little guy kept dive bombing my face and hands for some reason and I kept swatting and missing. I eventually got him but not before I almost took a header off a 16 foot ladder.

allison said...

It has been a bad day for bees all the way around. I was at my daughter’s soccer game this morning and a bee stung the bottom of my foot. As my foot started to tingle I realized that I had never been stung by a bee before (that I remembered, anyway. So, I quickly realized that I probably am allergic to bees. Luckily someone had some benadryl and I took a few sips and the swelling went away. Better safe then sorry.

Emerld said...

OUCH! I was stung as a kid and it HURT!!!! I'm also de-weeding the backyard before it gets out of control. I have this crazy vine that I have to murder every year and these tree/weed things I have to take saw to they get so big.

jm@houseinprogress said...

OUCH! Yellow jackets. Wasps. Things that sting. Yuck.