Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Container Garden

Over the weekend I spent some time at my Mom's condo visiting with my sister, her husband and my 7 month old nephew.

My Mom's building has 6 units and it was converted in the 1970's and they did a nice job. They repaired/restored all the plaster and kept all the original built-ins, doors and trim.

It's the kind of condo I could live in without breaking out into hives. And to top it off, she has really great neighbors in her building and the buildings next door.

I like going over there to see her and her great neighbors.

They have an incredibly charming bricked backyard and have done a great job with container gardening in it.

There's so much you can do with containers really.

This fence has a stunning clematis on it in Fall too.

I donated the cannas to their cause.

They use mainly clay pots to keep uniformity.

It's a real little paradise in their yard.


Ben Biddle said...

what a peaceful place to gather and keep neighbors as friends.

Allison said...

That looks awesome! I just started growing tender things in containers that are too tender to over-winter outdoors in the ground (since I can't be bothered to dig them up). I've had wonderful success with the dahlias - they seem to really like pots.


Emerld said...

Love the containers!!! I'm going to do that next year.