Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Brass Light Gallery

As promised, here is my review of the Brass Light Gallery in Milwaukee . They make reproduction lighting of very fine quality and also have an entire floor of restored antique lighting.

We recently purchased a Tudor Dragon Sconce for our den and we are pleased with the quality. These lights are quite heavy and I hate to say this because I love them so, but Rejuvenation's lighting feels lightweight in comparison.
But, and this is a big BUT, their prices are significantly higher overall than Rejuvenation so you pay for that heavy brass.

My Dad went with me on this visit and was quite taken with the store. I have seven words to describe my feeling in the place kid-in-candy-store-with-no-money.

Here is a reproduction Tiffany design that we admired. Note the unique turning arms.

The second floor is all restored period lighting and it's even more expensive than the new stuff, but there are some incredibly unique pieces.

The salesperson showed me a few lights for my bedroom, but the least expensive one was just shy of $1000.00. Ejem.

Here's one of the unique and restored fixtures from the 2nd floor.

So this is my review in short: Beautiful high quality period fixtures. Both reproduction and restored. But be ready to drop some cash. No ebay bargains to be had here.


Greg said...

Boy, it pays to be in or near a big city. If you took all the antique and reproduction lights for sale in the entire county where I live you probably couldn’t fill that place. I even like the building!

Gary said...

You need to plan a Brimfield trip!
There was a good assortment of reasonably priced lighting!

Joyce said...

Not being a techie I do not know what "ejem" means. Would you please enlighten me? By email if it is easier. Many thanks.

I am devouring your site at the rate of about 2 years a day. At that rate, it seems as if it is going very quickly but I know it isn't. What a fantastic job.

Joyce said...

My last comment was meant for deletion. Don't know what happened. You don't have my email!

Jocelyn said...

Hi Joyce- in case you drop back in- "ejem" means I thought the lights were pricey (for my current budget anyway!). Not a techie comment actually :)