Sunday, August 27, 2006

Weekend Update

The guys continued working on installing trim this weekend. It even takes the professionals time to do this kind of finish carprentry, which makes me feel a bit better.

They installed the stained glass windows. This photo is a little blurry, but it gives you the idea. There will be picture molding where the color changes to white near the ceiling.

Here's a close up shot.

I really appreciate the nice comments people have left about the trim.

This weekend I was having a bit of self-doubt. Like, maybe this isn't all worth it. I think my doing that recap post and realizing I gave up my whole summer for wood, kind of bummed me out.

Even the most devoted can have low points it seems. I am no exception to this. It helps to have the kind words of encouragement at times like this.

They started tiling the bathroom also. These guys are excellent at tilework drywalling, and finish carpentry. It's nice to be happy with the work.

I am going to see what else we can have them take off our plate. If I showed you the list of what poor Steve has to do, you'd probably start crying. I don't know how he keeps it up without breaking down.

I am at one of those points where I just want to have a normal life and not work every weekend. I took a 2 1/2 hour nap today and am starting to feel more human again.

I hope I haven't smashed anyone's image of us, but we are in fact human and we do desire to do other things besides work on our house.

Usually we enjoy the work, but every once in a while we get hit with that "this house has taken over our lives and it is not good" feeling. It's already passing a bit. The end of a project can be difficult sometimes.

I think in a few months when we are looking back on this, we will be glad to have restored the wood work, but right now the thrill is waning. But maybe when they put the coffered ceiling back this week I'll get some wind back in my sails.


christine said...

The renovation thing is definitely a love-hate relationship, no middle ground. It's just so hard to see any signs of progress when you live in the middle of it. Hey everything looks great btw!

Anonymous said...

I can certainly understand the frustration of having spent a summer working on wood trim, but it looks absolutely beautiful!

I predict that when you're done, both apartments will look so wonderful that you'll want to live in both simultaneously. ;-)


Mike said...

I hadn't looked in a while, wow, it is great. You need that perspective too, someone who hasn't slogged through every step,commenting on how wonderful it is to realize that progess....

I was installing baseboard in our upstairs yesterday, hopefully I'll get a post about it up this week.

Christina said...

Everything looks beautiful-I LOVE those stained glass windows!

Rehabbing needs breaks to keep you sane-when I'm really at my brink I like to look at all the "before" photos.

Hopefully, you guys will take a few weekends off-you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

i am awed by your dedication, and by the beauty of the restored woodwork.
if i had a million $$$ i'd send you both here for a day of beauty.

Jocelyn said...

Spa Soak looks pretty good. We've already decided that next time (cough cough!) we undertake a project of this magnitude, which would most likely be the basement, we are including massages in the budget! But that's years away- we ahve to save beaucoup $ for that one.

Thanks all for the compliments. It's coming together and I'm resting up for the weekend!

Maggie said...

the windows are beautiful. you guys are awesome!