Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Some things that are done

There's been alot of progress in the 2nd floor. Taping is almost done. Some walls are primed and painted. The new windows came in and were installed today.

We have some working light switches up there now too. I am pretty sure the floors are going to be sanded next week. Cabinets and tiling next week too! Tonight we went to Home Depot and bought the dishwasher and subway tile for the bathroom. The stove and microwave will be delivered next week also.

Perhaps most exciting, our contractor asked us for some window trim. He is planning to start installing the window trim this week. I will most definitely post photos of the finished and installed trim. I am sure it will bring a tear to my eye seeing my precious wood pile back in its ancestral home again.

These are the salad/glory days for a houseblogger- seeing your work come to fruition.

It's almost hard to the feeling into words really. What does it mean to sacrifice a summer of weekends and then see it result in something beautiful and lasting?

I liken it to a surfer hitting the perfect wave. Or a climber hitting a high peak of a mountain. Something like that.

My arms are brown from working outdoors for many weekends. My right arm has become bionic now from extreme hand sanding. And we both need haircuts. Who has time for a haircut when there's wood to sand/stain etc...?

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