Saturday, April 09, 2005

Off the subject

We saw a great movie tonight and I have to share: The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. I think we house bloggers will like it because we like real stories about real people and that is what this film is. And we also tend to like gardening and nature and... birds, which are featured in this film along with the fascinating Mark Bittner, a "dharma bum" who found his calling caring for wild parrots living in San Francisco.
It was funny, touching, and inspiring. It shows how one person can make a difference, which we can all forget from time to time.

And it made me so anxious to get that row of specimen arbor vitaes that I want to line our yard with so that our city lot becomes a sanctuary for birds! I only wish I had the money to do it right now, but I can say this, it will happen in the next few years at least. We have a vision for our yard that just won't quit!

I was so inspired by the film, I went right to Barnes & Noble and bought his book and another book called Red-Tails in Love. If I wasn't so busy with my house, I might become an avid birder.

I bet there are some bird lovers out there in the house blog world or some of you who could use a little pick me up- this movie fits the bill.


Greg said...

I'm jealous that you've seen that movie and I haven't. I saw a review of it a few weeks ago and read another review last week and both sounded about lie what you've written. Something unique and interesting. That is something that is become rarer and rarer in this world. Kind of like old houses.

Ana said...

I wish I had a bigger lot to put more trees into my back yard. I already have some mature trees, right at the back, and they provide good privacy (the neightbours on the back are on higher ground). Unfortunately, there is no more room for extra trees. Pity!

Aaron said...

Yeah, I heard the movie reviewed on NPR and the critic sounded really impressed. Thanks for the reminder to check it out.

Brian Heckel said...

if you have any new neighbors you could buy them a tree for a house warming gift. or for their new baby or deceist relitive.....