Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Lost Weekend

You know you're working hard when the guys working on the new condo building next door call it quits before you two days in a row. We just finished our countertop and it's 8:30pm. We started today at about 8:30am and yesterday we were working till dark also. Steve had the little head lamp on his head routing out the last two pieces.

The most time-consuming part was probably all the precision cutting, filing, and sanding of the opening for our beloved farm sink. Towards the end of yesterday, I was at the never again point. We will never again install a formica countertop with a farm sink. Much easier to do an overmounted stone countertop. We had one other problem and we discovered it after the first piece we laminated. The router was scraping off the finish on the edges when we routed the overlapping pieces- we adjusted what we were doing by taping the finished edges so they wouldn't get scratched. I wonder if that is a common problem? Steve has done alot of laminating but it had been a while (like 10 years) since he had done any. He said filing the edges came right back to him though (Filing them so they aren't super sharp and slice someone's hand open).

When I was younger, say in my early twenties, I used to have "lost weekends" more in the way of Truffaut, now there are more like living a This Old House episode.

Just now over slices of pizza cause that's about all we could manage for dinner last night and tonight (One bonus I can eat a slice of greasy pizza for dinner and after all that work feel not one smidgen of guilt), Steve and I started arguing over the last time his parents had been here. I swore it was "early Spring" and he said "This is early Spring, it was like 6 months ago." I remember when they came because we were painting the kitchen that weekend, a milestone in our little microclimate here. After I went so far as to pull out my little album with progress, I realized he was right and we had painted the kitchen and seen his parents about 6 months ago.

So, not only have I lost a weekend, now I am losing months it seems. Maybe it's all the fumes... Speaking of fumes, I was practically sick to my stomach with the fumes from the contact cement and we were working outdoors.

Hey, also some other good news, it pays to be nice to your neighborhood contractor, ours put up the fence nice side facing us. Must be some kind of payback for using out water for the past year or not complaining or something. Anyway, they started putting it up this weekend and it looks great. Countertop done- next week backsplash tile! We are so close to running water I can taste it!


Kristin said...

We had a hard-work weekend, too. I feel SO good about it! We've got countertop work in our future. Woo-hoo.

Emerld said...

I'm happy for your progress and the fence issue is resolved.