Thursday, April 28, 2005

Plug for someone who's building it right

This is only mildly off the subject, but I think it might be of interest. At my job we were looking at reconfiguring our office space and I suggested we talk to an architect I knew of whose office was in Rogers Park. I knew he had created a really interesting plan for the lakefront here, and since I know my boss likes people from the community, I asked him to come in.

Well, we haven't moved on the space issue, but Mark Miller is keeping us in the loop with what he's doing, which I think is great. He has a really great aesthetic, he likes Sarah Susanka and he has just built a Prairie style home in Skokie and I think it's worth checking out if you're interested. He has what I would describe as a holistic approach to architecture and won a Green award in 2003.

It's nice to see someone building homes of quality and homes that are livable.
Anyway, if you know anyone interested in purchasing a lovely one million dollar home in Skokie, he's your guy. It is out of our price range, but maybe some of you out there know some richies who could afford it.

I also wanted to mention how great is was to get together with Aaron & Jeannie of HIP and Brian of The Old Man. I am going to order Pattern Language and Patterns of Home Patterns of Home books immediately. They both sounded really fascinating. I also can't wait to see pictures of "The Red Fan Of Death."

On the homefront: The dishwasher is operational. Yes, it's true, they have a dishwasher and it works. Now for that digital camera...


jm@houseinprogress said...

Brian and I were both fans of A Pattern Language...that is where the "balcony story" is, et al.

Nick said...

We got to see Sarah Susanka speak in Seattle last year; she's great!

Jocelyn said...

Yes, thanks for the correction! I was looking at buying both Pattern Language and Patterns of Home as a supplement and nice picture book to ponder.