Saturday, March 31, 2007

Our yard needs some TLC

Last year was a pretty rough one for the backyard. Between the roof tear off, pretty much constant workers traipsing across the lawn, Steve and I refinishing woodwork on it, and digging a trench for the electrical wire, it really took a beating.

I have never liked our yard in the winter because almost everything in it is dead. We need more evergreens and hopefully by fall we can add some.

We are planning to add a row of a variety of upright evergreens on the right side of the yard along the fence that you can't really see in this photo.

I am happy that the picea orientalis pine tree has recovered somewhat from the drought in 2005. The lawn is SAD though.

Probably the first project we are going to tackle this Spring, is replacing our falling apart door to the garage. The frame needs to be rebuilt and we want to get a door with a small window so we can see if the garage is open.

In this photo from July 2005, you can see the fence where we will plant the row of evergreens. You can also see that the yard looked a bit better then before the construction chaos.

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The North Coast said...

You have my sympathy in your struggle to develop your lawn.

My mother has a similar problem with hers. When she bought her suburban place in 1971, I suggested she send a soil sample to the USDA so we could get the place declared a disaster area and get funds (not entirely joking). She had a lawn loaded with lovely trees, and very poor excavation soil that the previous owner had never done anything to build up.

Since then, she has gone to "groundcover" type vines that look great and are easy to deal with. They give the property a lush "English Garden" look, unfussy yet always pretty well-groomed. They are also helping the soil over time. Someone told her that if you want the beautiful trees that form canopies over the lawn, you can forget about a really luxurious turf. I don't know how true that really is.

Or you could try some big, flat stepping stones with flowers and vines in between them.

Whatever is easy and makes you happy.