Sunday, March 04, 2007

It's not just about the house

It may sound like heresy to say this on a hosueblog, but really it's not. I've talked about this before. As we all know, any home is a part of a bigger picture, a neighborhood.

I learned a hard lesson when the beautiful single family home next door to us was leveled for condos. Speak up. If you speak up as a community, often you can stop these types of things from happening. I've seen it play out this way first hand.

The next month or so will probably be a little slow on my houseblog as I head on over to my community blog and campaign for a candidate that I believe can make our neighborhood a better place to live. If you head over there to check out what's going on, I'll warn you Rogers Park politics can get pretty scrappy.

The election on February 27th resulted in a run off between my candidate and the incumbent by a mere 54 votes! This right here shows how much every vote does count especially at the community level.

Lately, we've been living in our home more than working in our home as we usually are. It's nice. After all, we are all doing this hard work so at some point we can kick back and enjoy it right? I always say when I'm working that there is a lounge chair waiting for me at the end of this. Like there will ever be an end. I know better now.


Trissa said...

Yeah- even a few moments here and there to enjoy the fruits of our labors is so nice. I often wonder if it would be as relaxing without all the hard work put into the house. Enjoy the time enjoying your home!

Fargo said...

You really hit that nail on the head, both on preservation of quality houses and community involvement. A few voices or a few votes can make all the difference.