Friday, March 09, 2007

It really is about the house

Oh, I talk real big and say other things are important, but I always come back to the house. In fairness, we aren't quite done yet. There are still some small jobs that really need to be done, such as replacing the rotting wood entry door to the garage and all those little odds and ends.

So, tonight Steve and I made a list of what is on the agenda for 2007 (and beyond). There's more than this long term, but this list is somewhat realistic for 2007. I'm sure we won't get to all of it, but we will certainly put a good dent in it. Every year can't be a gut rehab year after all.

If we accomplish half of this, I would be very happy.

To Do List for 1st Floor 2007

Install shoe molding


Finish installing shoe molding
Kitchen caulking
Build Pantry shelving and install pot rack


Fix single popped screw in mud room inset all nails in trimwork
Adjust hinges on swinging door so we can prop open with $50 hardware we purchased over a year ago...
Put in thresholds for bedroom & dining room
Restore/fix 2 stained glass windows
Add storm windows on all 4 stained glass windows
Refinish floors throughout
Refinish bathtub
Add electrical outlets and light to closet in Bedroom
Purchase & refinish salvage replacement doors for missing doors to den and front mud room
Strip Basement stair door and refinish
Strip trim in bedroom
Install ceiling fan in living room
re-paint radiator covers
Asbestos abatement in basement

Yard & Outdoors:

Install new awnings
Reframe and replace Garage entry door
Paint front door
Replace basement windows
Install back yard side door Gate
Install dog run gate
Garage door wood framing- paint
New front door

Front yard:
Jackhammer sidewalk in front (side)
Eliminate bed right along side of house and lay patio area.
Plant evergreen trees and shrubs for interest in front yard

Fence on north side- new posts and stockade fence
New back porch deck?
Plant evergreen trees and shrubs in backyard for privacy
Add some source of shade

Just some things to keep us busy this year. Stay tuned.


Christina said...

There are some of those things on our "one day" list. (we have some concrete to jackhammer as well) I guess we need to come up with our 2007 list.

BTW-I have to send an e-mail, but I might be available for some campaiging in your ward for the 4/17 election. I've been wanting joe moore out after some of his high profile legislation.

Anonymous said...

If you do wind up putting storm windows over your stained glass windows, be sure that you do it right: make sure the storms have vents. If you put an unvented storm over the stained glass, you're essentially making a little greenhouse. Over time, the thermal cycling in that little greenhouse will cause your stained glass windows to sag in a really awful way. It's much much cheaper to do the storms right than to have to get the stained glass repaired. (Don't ask me how I know this... sigh....)

Jocelyn said...

Thanks anonymous- I made a note of that little tip! We all learn the hard way sometimes I know... ;oP

bill said...

hi jocelyn -

i've been reading your blog for a long time now and have really enjoyed it - thanks for sharing. i'm working on my own two flat in st. ben's area and i can really relate!

i've also had a bad experience with a tenant (and one really great one), but now i need to rent the apt. again. do you mind if i ask you who you used to do background \ criminal \ credit checks? it's been many years since i last rented the apt. and would guess there's something on-line, or certainly better than the service i previously used. any help would be


Jocelyn said...

Sorry it took me so long to post. We use Advanced Credit Reports in Illinois. If you google them, they should come up. If you have trouble, drop me an email at

Thanks for reading too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jocelyn .... I just read Bills comment. I have a three flat in Andersonville I am also rehabbing, and have had mixed results with tenants. Am curently painting an apartment that was destroyed in a year, breaks my heart after all that work !! Have scanned your site for tenant stories but found none, what has your luck been here in this area ?

I'm also working with Chesterfield awning finally completeing my entrance too !!

Another Bill ....

Jocelyn said...

Hi Bill,

Oh we have some tenant stories on here. We've been through some ups and downs that is for sure. Our current tenants are very clean and pretty considerate and will most likely be renewed. We were VERY picky after our last experience.

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