Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It all comes down to paint fumes

So, somewhat recently I upgraded to the new blogger and merged all my blogs together. No more compartmentalization. No more hiding my houseblog from the neighbors. No more keeping my community blog out of my houseblog. It's all mixed together now and the result?

Yesterday, I was commenting about the local election here on one of our community blogs.
and one of my neighbors and fellow bloggers who happens to disagree with my choice in candidates directed the following comment at me:

"Maybe you should wear a mask next time you're around paint fumes. "

It takes a thick skin to deal with neighborhood politics in Rogers Park. But at least I can be flattered they read my houseblog right? The hazards of blogging about your house projects... who'd have thought?

This morning when I read it, I was a little hurt, but now I think it's funny. And the person did apologize too, which was good of them.


Greg said...

That’s kind of funny, really. It shows he’s paying attention. I never tell anyone locally about my blog. I like a certain amount of anonymity. If it weren’t for the crazed mayoral candidate last year, I doubt anyone would know about it.

Anonymous said...

I got off of because I don't always blog about my house and didn't want some of my non-housetopic posts appearing there. I know I could have added a link to a separate blog which would have taken care of that but I liked everything being in one place on one blog, more like an overall journal of things.

The "paint fumes" comment was totally lame, by the way.

More power to you, Jocelyn!

merideth said...

ha! that's awesome! it's more of a shout-out than an insult, really, as the person couldn't have made the comment without knowingly acknowleding that he/she's a reader.

people are funny. and also stupid.