Saturday, December 09, 2006

The life of a landlord is filled with trials and tribulations...

The mums are dead and our tenants have fallen through. One of them lost their job and is backing out. This is probably for the best and I don't really blame her. If I was living at home and lost my job and I had the choice between the hellish stress of finding a job and moving at the same time or staying put, I'd opt for the first choice.

Still, it's a bit of a bitter pill right now. We do have a deposit from them, which we can't give back, but we will probably let them out of the lease once we verify that she has in fact lost her job and is not just "wimping out". If she is lying, we will require her to pay for advertising. We still wouldn't hold her to the lease because we don't need liars in our building.

I feel fairly bummed about this and so I am going to do whatever I feel like doing this weekend. I will probably use some of my x-mas bonus to go shopping for clothes. I will wear pajamas till noon. I will walk my dogs. And I will allow myself to feel a little sorry for myself because I have earned that right.

It's funny, but writing about problems on the blog always makes them more poignant to me. It somehow makes them have a bit more meaning. Does anyone else feel this way? It's like my life becomes a story that might be interesting to read about and that makes it not seem so random and pointless.

I really need to buy my lap top so I can start writing that novel I have always wanted to write. I have a number of subjects already in mind for different books. I've started before, but I just can't bring myself to sit at a desk all night after sitting at one all day. I am going to be a couch-writer not a desk writer. It's winter and it's time.

And regarding the photo of the torch, in case my meaning isn't clear, I mean to communicate that the fire hasn't gone out here at the 2-flat. A little bump in the road like this won't take the wheels of our wagon. We've built it to last.


Greg said...

Major bummer on the tenants. What else is there to say. I’m willing to bet that the next people you find will be even better.

Christina said...

Ugh! How frustrating! Really fortunate though that it happened prior to them moving in-you don't want to deal with evictions!

And heck, maybe she'll find something quick and come back?

We'll be re-renting soon, and I'm really not looking forward to it.

Patricia W. said...

I agree with Christina, you're lucky they hadn't already moved in but I'm really sorry it fell through. I know how frustrating that can be. Here's hoping that a super-responsible, *quiet* person who never ever pays rent a day late will call you next and fall in love with the apartment.

And don't forget to throw a nice long bubble bath on your weekend off.

Sandy said...

yes, agree on it being better to know now than a tenant to get in and you have to put them out.. I'm currently sitting on 5 vacancies and am coasting till January. December is usually not a rentable month.. good luck on finding a replacement

John said...

Good luck with the writing, that is hard work even if you enjoy doing it.

As for the tenants, it could be worse. We originally tried to sell our rent house, and the week of the closing the buyer died.

Anonymous said...

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Jocelyn said...

Thanks everyone for this support. I need to post an update now as things have changed yet again- life is full of surprises at times.

Anon & John- Thanks for the support on my writing. I know I will eventually do this because it's a thought that never goes away and keeps recurring. :)

misschrisc said...

I hope you found someone even better.