Monday, December 04, 2006

Problem Solving: Patching a Damaged Veneer

So you have an old door and it's in pretty good shape, but the veneer has cracked off in a few places. How do you repair it?

I'm sure there is more than one way to accomplish this type of repair. This is just what we did and it worked pretty well, so I thought I'd share. I really think much of DIY work is made up of logical steps and if you can problem-solve and consult the appropriate resources for information, one can accomplish quite alot. It's comforting to me to think in terms of steps- it keeps things from being overwhelming.

First thing we did was square off the damaged area for patching. It would be next to impossible to cut a piece of veneer to fit jagged edges like this and if you match up the lines on the veneer, the patch will blend even better.

Then we cut out the area using a straight edge and razor knife. We carefully removed the cut out area for patching.

After measuring the area, we cut the piece out of the rolled veneer using a razor knife. Next we tested the fit.

The oak veneer we had was only 1/4" and the veneer on the door was thicker. What to do?

Our solution was to use wood filler to build up the thickness and then place the patch atop a bed of wood filler.

Here we were checking the fit of our precisely measured patch.

We leveled off the wood filler for placing the patch.

Then we carefully placed the patch trying to keep the level of the patch in line with the door panel.

After drying time, which is blessedly short with wood filler, we sanded the area using 100, then 120 grit and a finishing sander.

The end result? A damaged door is solvent again and the patch is barely noticable to the eye after staining. We learned after repairing this door, that if you can match up the veneer grain, your patch will be even more seamless. We've since done this patch a few times and are happy with the results.


Anonymous said...

Was there any difficulty finding a piece of matching veneer for your door?

merideth said...

excellent lesson...i am the grasshopper

Jocelyn said...

Not at all. The only issue was the thickness of the veneer we had to use. I found a good variety of grain patterns in the sheet of veneer and it matched pretty easily.