Monday, December 18, 2006

Some Small Improvements

This weekend, we finally got to do some things on the first floor, one of which was replacing the sad Charlie Brown light in our bedroom.

We had another fixture, but it shorted out a while back and we never bothered to rewire it. I'll probably sell it on eBay at some point. What you see at left is what we've had there for about a year.

We decided on the Grant Court a ceiling mounted fixture from Rejuvenation. I actually like my bedroom now. I truly believe that holes in walls are bad for one's psyche. The only reason I believe this is because when we eliminate them, I inexplicably feel better.

I also installed the rustic shelves I ordered from Wisteria this summer.

Our bedroom is not very big. Someday, when we refinish the basement, we may create a master suite downstairs. To tell the truth, that's a ways off. We have to save some money for that project.

I used the shelves to display my collection of finials.

I also installed some hooks in my closet, installed a new door stop in our bedroom, and did some more clearing in the yard. I've been doing it in stages this year.

It's nice to finally have time to work on "little"-er projects in the first floor now that we have people living upstairs.

Footnote: Yesterday I came home and told Steve the entry smelled like paint. I realized that it was probably the marine varnish I had applied Saturday (to the threshold). Steve just told me that last night he had a nightmare that the tenants painted the entire apartment white but not the trim. Ah, the joy and serenity of being a paranoid landlord.

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Gary said...

Actually, rumor has it that Greg's fairies painted the apartment as an "April in Christmas" surprise!

(You have to know what "Christmas in April" programs are to understand this attempt at humor. I'll go and sniff some more lead fumes now...)