Friday, December 02, 2005

Looking for love

No it's not me, it's this house. It needs a new and loving owner to bring it back to it's former pinnacle of homey-ness and grandeur.

Look at those columns! and those brackets! and those round eyehole windows! And that lovely huge pine tree!

This house is in my neighborhood and up for sale. It was actually featured in one of my previous posts as part of the The Good , The Bad , and The Ugly series. It was featured in The Ugly because it's "ugly" when an architectural beauty such as this is allowed to let herself go or rather her owners let her go.

Of course, I'm concerned about it being torn down and having something much more ordinary minus the sense of history replace it.

When you read the listing on Century 21's website, you can understand why I'd be concerned. They call it a "Developer's Dream!!!" (their emphasis not mine).

I already posted about it and the house next to it on my other blog and wrote to one of my contacts at the Alderman's office to see if he knows anything. Nothing is going to happen for a while as the ground is frozen at this point and developers move slower in the winter, but I'm keeping my eye on this one.

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Patricia W said...

That is really beautiful, I bet the interior is stunning (even if in need of some TLC). I hope old home enthuiasts buy it and fix it up as some have as shown in your previous posts.

Almost every great big old house in Jackson is coined 'an investors dream' which always prompts my gag reflex. I don't know why they don't pitch the sale of some of these old beauties in money cities like Lansing and Ann Arbor, where there are plenty of people who wouldn't mind the 25+ mile commute to work in exchange for an extremely good buy in a nice city.