Sunday, December 11, 2005

a little holiday cheer

I did get the tree up this week and this is the first tree we've ever had here at Chicago 2-flat! We've always been too busy with projects to take time and have a tree so this is a very nice thing.

I have to admit that there is a part of me that loves the tree, etc... but also I tend to be anti-holiday. I don't like the pressure of having to do all these extra things, go to parties etc... I am such a wimp when it comes to social obligations- I seem to just like a quiet little life with occasional social engagements.

Plus, I come from a divorced family and they say that the split family can make holidays more challenging. I also tend to put pressure on myself to make everything "perfect" and get overwhelmed- but it gets better as I get older.

Okay, now that you know about all my holiday neuroses, how about that tree?

p.s. The plumber came and went and everything seems to be okay right now. It was just a clogged toilet it seems. That bathroom on the 2nd floor is so ready for a rehab.


Nick said...

Beautiful tree!

We're recovering from 3 holiday parties ourselves yesterday. I'm in your camp - who needs all the stress?

kris said...

Your tree is great! The holidays are a stressful time...take pleasure in the simple things, like that beautiful tree :-)

Patricia W said...

The tree is very pretty. I've had a couple Christmas' where I didn't bother with a tree. One Christmas my roommate and I went camping instead and skipped the whole thing in protest for a lot of reasons. We froze our asses off and decided that next time we'd have to protest by going to an upscale hotel and ordering room service.

Kristin said...

Lovely tree. I agree 100 percent about all the holiday hoopla. I love decorating, but I hate the stress of planning around a million different gatherings. It helps that we never gather with my dad's side of the family. Even now, we have five family parties to attend.