Saturday, December 03, 2005

Basement Re-org

We had tidied up the basement a few weeks ago, but there was still no work space, which put us in a bad spot since we can't really work outdoors anymore as it's like 20 degrees out.

Also, we had all this wood for the pantry that has been sitting in one spot for months and it needed to be flipped over to prevent it from warping. We moved the wood onto 2x4s in another part of the basement so now there is a work space for us.

The pantry has been delayed because of the entry project but also because of the local wood shop closing. It's more of an undertaking to get to Lincoln Park for Steve and we have to rent a van to bring the wood there etc... It's coming soon though.

I am really excited to have this little work area now. Today I sanded the shoe moulding, hit it with linseed oil and a coat of stain. See below photo.

The shoe moulding is for the kitchen and the entry.
It's about the last thing to go into the kitchen. We still have some odds and ends such as nailing the moulding down permanently. It's just tacked on with minimal nails right now. No, it won't fall off, but it's not nailed on like it's meant to be there for the next 100 years like it was when we removed that. Ever try and remove trim that's been in place for 100 years? It's like -petrified.

Anyway, we have that and a few thresholds to put back and that's it. Oh, and readjusting the hinges on the swing door. And that's besides Steve's furniture projects in there which include a plate rack, work table, and the pantry.

Still plenty of good things to come in that part of the house.

I can't believe how happy this basement re-org made me. Nothing like getting more usable space I guess.

Today, Steve was installing a new entry lock on our front door. This one will work with the strikes we got for our entry system. I'll post about that tomorrow! He's still working and it's almost 6pm. We need to be able to lock the door before we go to bed at least.

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