Saturday, December 17, 2005

The crew is illin'

First it was me coming down with a cold/flu on Friday night. Must have been the damp.
Now it's Steve with the same thing. I hope for his sake he doesn't get it as bad as me. It's amazing how one can blow one's nose every 30 seconds all day long.

I am from the school of no suppressants and suffer through to get better faster so 2 days this week at work I renamed myself "sniffy". If you're going to be all gross at work, some self-deprecating humour never hurts.

As you can see, not much work will be happening here till after x-mas. But then, this gives us a chance to just enjoy our house, which is after all, what we are all working so hard for isn't it?

I know I've mentioned before that it's hard for "people like us" to just relax and enjoy the house. When we are not working, we tend to start thinking of things we need or can do to improve the house and its furnishings. The list of furniture for Steve to make keeps growing. We need that wood shop to reopen! I wish we could make a wood shop here, but we still have the upstairs to do and money for that project but not for a woodshop right now.

C'est la vie!


Emerld said...

Hope you get better soon dear! Charlie , Matt and I also have had the cold from hell this past week and a half. It was so bad for me that I coughed so hare (no smoking cause there) I vomitted. Freaked me out. I've never done that before. The doctor gave me a srip for the suppressent with codeine. The next night I took one teaspoon and sleep solid for 8 1/2 hours!!! I've never done that since before the kids were born. It was amazing!

Aaron said...

The weather brought in a bunch of those pesky bugs here in Duluth, too. Hope you guys get better soon! I don't know if you like football, but your bears are the team to beat this year