Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Where once there was darkness

now there is light. Wish I could say where I was blind, now I see, but I don't feel that close to that kind of light right now.

I've been quite remiss in posting. We had a busy past week or so. We had my Dad's two border collies again, two neighborhood meetings, two rounds of flyering for neighborhood meetings, a petition to get signed and then my birthday last Thursday. Whew.

But even with all the extras going on, we did work on Saturday and completed the kitchen shelving. We installed the lights under the shelves and Steve added the missing pieces so now that project is completely done.

Then, on Sunday, we mosied on over to Jan's Salvage & Antiques. This place is like heaven to folks like us. It's overwhelming. All the doors, hardware, bathroom fixtures, and architectral elements are just overwhelming.

We found this really interesting brass plaque that we plan to hang on a wall somewhere- haven't figured out where yet. Neither us nor Jan (yes, there is a Jan) knew where it came from. It's brass and very ornate. If you know or have a guess, give a holler. Here's a photo.

It has 5 holes where it must have been bolted to something. We were thinking of hanging it up over a doorway maybe. But maybe that would be tempting fate. I used birthday money to buy it.

I was pleased with myself because I made her an offer for $60 less than what she originally asked and she accepted.

We also went over to our favorite Garden Center --Gethsemane and picked up a plant to liven up that blank corner in our kitchen.

It's called Aglaonema, commonly known as Chinese Evergreen. It likes low or filtered light, which is what we have in that spot.

In addition, Steve finished the mudding of the entry this weekend and is planning to sand and prime this coming weekend. I will probably work on doors and sanding and staining the shoe moulding for the kitchen, which we got at Home Desperate last weekend.

Oh, and we picked paint colors for the entry. I can't find the colors online but they are from Behr and they are called Creme Brulee and Toasted Wheat. We are going to have the original oak trim going around the room at about 5 feet high. The Toasted Wheat, which is kind of a warm light mocha color will be the bottom half of the room and the Creme Brulee, which is a creamy color will be on the top and ceiling. I think it will look nice with the burnished brass fixture we selected too.

Anyway, even when not posting, we are usually keeping the fire burning. Now I need to spend some time catching up on other's blogs!


Emerld said...

Happy Birthday! Your kitchen is so beautiful!

Gary said...

Is there any way you can attach two hooks to the lower two holes in that plaque? That would make a neat coat or towel rack.

The McCords' said...

could it be a fireplace screen?
one of those really old ones that just shield the logs...

SmilingJudy said...

Happy Birthday, Jocelyn! Good planning on that kitchen shelf. Love how the light accents the, ummmm, accent tiles. ;)

Patricia W said...

The kitchen is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous! You have done a terrific job rennovating it. Also, happy belated b-day to you!

I like Gary's idea of making it a coat rack (since I don't have one) but it is really so pretty it could be put on the wall as art.

amanda said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Jocelyn! The kitchen looks wonderful. I drool over those shelves.

Jocelyn said...

I thought maybe it was a fireplace screen. Thanks for the b-day wishes- it was a good b-day this year.

I like the coat rack idea as well, but it isn't quite large enough and plus Steve is planning to make a hall tree/coat rack sometime.

jm@houseinprogress said...

happy birthday! We have to get together to toast with Ocktoberfest beers (mine will be non-alcoholic...sigh) soon!

Becky said...

Happy birthday. The kitchen looks great!

Greg said...

Happy Birthday! How funny that you should post on the same day I mention your absence from posting. That is an interesting looking … what ever it is. Very nice and ornate. The workmanship looks to be of high quality.

I wonder if it was part of a parlor stove or old kitchen stove. I have that 1890s cast iron beast in my kitchen that has a very detailed plaque on the front of the oven door. Mine is nickel plated cast iron I think, but I could be wrong.

Kristin said...

Happy birthday! I adore your kitchen. Can I move in with you and forget about finishing my own kitchen?

Jenne said...

Happy Birthday!
And what a gorgeous kitchen you have! I was starting to think mine was livable...but now I just might have to send your link to Rob and tell him to get movin'! I love it!