Monday, September 05, 2005

The walls have...walls

We are about 2/3 done drywalling the entry/vestibule. We would have been able to finish, if we didn't have all the insulating and framing to finish I am sure.

In case you haven't done it, framing brick walls is a real "challenge"(I can think of some less kind euphemisms but I'll leave those to your imagination). Steve handles this part of the job because my womanly arms just don't have the strength.

The good news is that all the oak trim has been filled and sanded smooth. I love clean wood! I also glued up the few cracked boards. My personal preference is to reuse old boards with cracks rather than replace them. I like the feeling of the 100 year old wood and the grains are so straight on them.

Steve ever secure in his manhood, seen below wearing my old cut off shorts with cute patches. They were loose on me too.

But it cracks me up that he walks around like this.
We don't really care what we look like while we are working.
Notice I didn't post photos of me though...

Here's the remaining wall, which we'll get to next weekend. I also took care of some small jobs like repairing some gouges we made in our kitchen walls while installing molding and sealing the grout in the kitchen.

Oh, and one last thing. I found our first artifact in the ceiling over the living room. It was these bottles:

The text on the bottle reads: Property of Independent BR C ASSN Chicago. Haven't had time to reserach it at all. The back reads: This Bottle Not To Be Sold.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. The weather was absolutely beautiful here, low 80's, sunny, clear, low humidity. At least we spent time outside, but it would have been a great weekend for hiking or camping. Next summer we plan to work every other weekend only or less so we can do more things like that.


Gary said...

I guess you shouldn't sell the bottles then! That's almost like those labels on matresses and plush furniture. I wonder how many people have actually been prosecuted for removing a label?

Greg said...

Cool find. I wonder what was in them. It sounds like something that was sold regularly and the bottles where re-used, like milk. They don't look like milk bottles, though, but you never know. Things change.

Anonymous said...

You mention "touch-ups" in the kitchen. Is the kitchen done? What's on the mysterious other two walls that are not pictured in the "Kitchen Current" link? Inquiring minds want to know! :-)


Jocelyn said...

Eric- The kitchen is functional but there are still a few things left. Here's a list:
1. under shelf lighting and front trim on shelves
2. pantry built-in shelving
3. work table and plate rack
4. framed pictures, little accents

Steve has to make all the furniture and built-in shelving and as soon as we get the entry done, he'll be getting to that. It will be a little while till we have totally finished room photos I'm afraid. I could post more photos though. I really should figure out how to post my before after side show- it's a trip!