Friday, September 02, 2005

Off the Blog

I, like many others have been off-blog- transfixed by what's going on in New Orleans, Biloxi, and surrounding areas. I am sad too that I never got to New Orleans before this happened.

It does put things in perspective and know that what we consider living without comforts, really is pretty darn comfortable after all.

It makes me really sad that many people have lost everything they had. It especially bothers me about the people had little or nothing to begin with.

We will be working on the house this weekend, but I will be praying for everyone there while working. I have actually been dreaming about New Orleans it's so much on my mind.

I also found what happened in Iraq this week really tragic. Seeing all those grown men bawling their eyes out in grief on TV moved me alot. Just had to mention it.


Greg said...

Yes, I'm finding it hard to concentrate on house work, but at the some time it is the only thing that helps to ease my mind. I’ve been passing through different stages over the past 5 days: Curiosity, disbelief, relief, shock, and finally anger. The more I hear, watch, and read the madder I get about the whole situation.

Kim said...

I imagined the worst the day the hurricane was to hit, I woke up 2 hours early that morning and felt slight relief when it turned, just because I knew that all that water with nowhere to go would be a catastrophe. My company closed a plant last summer in Bay St. Louis, MS, and while I was never there I've spoken with dozens of retirees and laid-off workers from Bay, Waveland, Pascagoula. They had nothing to begin with save the casinos, and now nothing at all. I don't understand why it's taken so long!! Because they're poor?? Rant done.

SmilingJudy said...

I had an odd "vision" last night (not a dream because I was still awake) where a faceless man in a long coat and dark hat was coming to get me and take me to N.O. because I wasn't doing enough to help. That's when I decided I'd better turn off the TV and diversify my attention.