Monday, September 19, 2005

House update

Steve finished the taping and some mudding. His plan is to finish the mudding this weekend and then sand and prime the walls the following weekend.

Together we installed the under shelf lighting on Sunday and sanded and stained the finishing pieces of trim to hide the lights from view. We didn't get to install them though. Maybe during the week. I am going to wait on the photos until the trim is in though.

I went over all the boards/trim for the entry again and then stained them all. Here they are drying in the backyard.

Thanks everyone for your support on the teardown I posted about yesterday. I emailed my neighborhood pals, the Alderman's office, and Preservation Chicago. Now I just have to follow up with phone calls.

Tonight we went to the CAPs meeting and I got more signatures for my petition . Being a good neighbor sure is hard work.


Greg said...

Being a good neighbor is hard work. I'll be the first to jump up on my soapbox, but not always the first to rally the troops. About three years ago a group of us were successful in stopping an incongruous apartment building being sandwiched in to a lot containing a beautiful Craftsman Home. Three years later they did build a duplex on the lot but it was much scaled back (originally 4 units) and it is a very nice looking Craftsman Duplex. If you didn't know any better you would think it was from the 1920s along with the original house on the lot.

The lot was a double lot and the new owner, a developer, had to get a lot line adjustment to put in the cracker box style 4-plex he wanted. This required a variance, which meant neighbors were notified. It turned out, though, the neighbors - me included - were notified AFTER the variance was given by the planning commission. The Good Ol' Boys network was in full swing on this one.

About 30 of us packed the City Council Chambers and complained. The City Council eventually over turned the planning commission and rescinded the lot line adjustment. We Won! The developer sold the property and new owners built the Craftsman Style Duplex. Yea!

I was basically along for the ride but I did speak before the Council. Others in the group really took the fore front. It was fun, though, to be a part of it.

alicia said...

Your trim looks great! We're about to start stripping our l.r. and d.r. baseboards and I would be ecstatic if they came out looking like yours. Cheers!

Scott in Washington said...

Looks like you guys are chugging away, doing good work. Thanks for the update.