Sunday, August 07, 2005

Window stripped

and the good news is I didn't break the pane. I taped the edges of the glass to avoid getting paint goop all over the window, and hit the surrounding trim with Strypeeze like 3-4 times. It's clean now and I was very good and patient and did not gouge anything.

This is that same soft wood that all our original windows were made of. Some have said they think it's old growth pine, we suspect poplar. I still don't know. But after my first experience of breaking the glass and gouging the wood, I do know to be gentle now.

While I was delicately scraping off paint and stripper gunk, I got to witness the neighborhood in all it's splendor. The woman who moved into the "problem building" down the street who we are certain is a "lady of the light" (and that is a better title than she deserves) and a crack addict, was yelling after some guy that he "stole her crack" and snuck into the hallway the night before and "smoked it all up." Sigh! Can you think of any reason that someone would be coming and going like 10+times in a few hours other than drug dealing? I can't.

Steve worked on framing on Saturday while I was making dinner etc..., which incidentally was a success. A good time was had by all and we slept in till almost 10am this morning, which is unheard of.

The framing is slow going because he has to remove the old boards and some of them don't want to come out, but he is planning to finish next weekend and then the following weekend drywall while I am visiting my sister in Connecticut. I am going to finish washing the trim down with denatured alcohol and maybe start sanding it next weekend.


Aaron said...

Good work-I know what you mean about the wood getting soft under the stripper. I have the same unidentified pine windows which bear some marks of my marathon paint stripping sessions. Sounds like the K-9 drug unit needs to come in and put the smack down on the drug ring. Bad boys...whatcha gonna do when the come for you?

Greg said...

Congratulations on the window. In my neighborhood it was my house that had the drug dealing and taking. It wasn't crack, though, it was Meth and Heroin. Have fun on Connecticut!

Patricia W said...

The house I bought was the neighborhood rental unit and the scourge of the neighborhood. The downstairs inhabitant had rented the lower unit for 8 years and when we cleaned up the yard we pulled out a huge number of liquor bottles from under the boughs of the spruce trees. Also, there were several used syringes in the basement which made me feel sick just knowing someone shot-up in the basement. It's so dank and dirty down there and every window had been covered over. I poured bottle after bottle of bleach all over everything down there and still fret about coming across a needle that was missed although the house has pretty much been scoured of remnants.

StuccoHouse said...

First - off topic, but thanks a bunch for the dog webesite. I have been reading all weekend!

Must have been "windows weekend." I worked on my bathroom window today, but yours is looking much better. I still have another coat or so of stripper to put on/off.

Working on my window also gave me a better view to watch the 3 police cars & medical examiner (doesn't that mean there is a dead body?) outside my neighbor's house. Better than tv some days, huh?

Trissa said...

The window looks great- your patience paid off! Good to hear you slept in- we all need to do that sometimes!