Friday, August 05, 2005

Weekend Plan

Nothing too monumental happening this weekend except the baby steps that will get us to the finish line on the entry. Steve will be working on finishing framing the entry tomorrow.

I will be doing the domestic dance as I dash to the Farmer's Market, Whole Foods, and then prepare a roasted chicken dinner with garlic mashed potatoes, green salad, and roasted veggies for our first mini-dinner party since the kitchen reno. My Dad and his life partner Dave will be coming over. On a personal note: I am very lucky because it's like I have 2 Dad's and I have a great Mom too. And they all appreciate culture, old homes, architecture, love dogs, are very supportive etc... What more could I ask for?

Anyway, I am hoping to work on finishing the trim on Sunday. All I need to do is wash some boards down and strip right around the glass on the transom-type window in the entry. It's now a normal 82 degrees down from 95 earlier this week. Life is good.


Greg said...

That sounds nice. Can I come over for dinner? I disconnected my stove a week ago so it has been take-out for 7 days straight. I try not to eat a fast food joints because I keep thinking about the documentary "Super-Size Me". I ate at SubWay a few nights ago for the first time in my life. The Chipoltle sub was the blandest thing I've ever eaten in my life.

StuccoHouse said...

Your trip to the farmer's market is going to produce better results than mine. I'll get a few jars of get an entire meal. Sounds yummy.

Jocelyn said...

Greg- Come on over- I've got enough food! I saw that documentary- I pretty much never eat at fast food places unless I'm desperate. It's not real food to me.

Subway is pretty darn bland- I agree. What we do is get slices of pizza at a neighborhood place and have a salad with it so we don't feel so junky.

Emerld said...

Have fun at your party! I wish I could see your beautiful place.