Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Big 'Ol Slacker

Yep that's me. I did nothing for the house this weekend except mow the lawn, bid on a few items on eBay and sell our fish tank (also on eBay).

Good bye Orangey and Catfish! We're too busy to take care of you anyway.

I have a few other things to sell on eBay, namely my old manual camera, which I haven't used for years. Why store things when you can have some cash in your wallet right?

Last night we went to the CAPs meeting and reported the suspicious activity on our street.
I am referring to the resident prostitute and drug dealer.

The police were like, "Wow, it's great that you are so aware of what's going on on your block." I had to laugh to myself because Steve and I are like a couple of old ladies watching everything. Any "strange" noises and we are peeking out the window to see who is disturbing the peace in our little haven. But you know what? That is okay by me- no one can say we aren't concerned citizens.

And then our beat cop talked about how he thinks that landscaping and sweeping your sidewalk have an impact and are a deterant, and I was like elbowing Steve, "I sweep the sidewalk" - see see! Although I like to think of myself as individualistic, I also like to be validated by authority.

We are also going to work with the Rogers Park Community Council to try and get that building cleaned up; they work on landlord issues in our area.

Oh and here's the funny thing. After we report the "problem" building last night, Steve finds this on the ground in front of that very same building. Strange....huh?


Scott in Washington said...

In other words, "At two-thirty in the morning, the Chicago PD took stuff from your apartment while serving a search warrant and if you want it back, you need to dial 311"?

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear I'm not the only "slacker" these days

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that they are at least aware of the porblem building. The "drug house" down the street from us in now empty & I'm not sure what they're going to do with it. Way to go on doing nothing. I did that this afternoon!

Aaron said...

Selling fish tanks...getting drug dealers busted...bears signing a new quarterback after Rex Grossman gets hurt...white sox dominating the field...lots of action over there in Chicago these days!

Greg said...

Selling on Ebay! That is how I could make some much needed cash. I recall someone over at The Devil Queen doing the same thing last week. I have all kinds of odds and ends of old house hardware that should move quickly.

Good for you for being a part of the solution!

AngelSil said...

Yay! for slacking. Me, too. I could never give up my fishies, though..