Monday, August 22, 2005

The girl is back!

I am pretty sure I mentioned I was headed for CT to visit my sister and her husband. I was planning to post from there, but their computer is out of commission. In a way it was nice because I spend 3 entire days off the computer and the house.

It was a great trip and I enjoyed it immensely. Besides getting to see my cute-as-pie sister pregnant, we went to The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art and they had a special exhibit of Beatrix Potter. I was in heaven.

We went to Amherst and walked around a lovely and deserted college campus, went for a nice hike to an old castle, hit the dinosaur park, and saw the Mark Twain house (see above). Again, heaven for an old house enthusiast like me.

Here are some more photos of Mark Twain's house. He lived in it for 17 years and created his "Mark Twain" persona there.

She really isn't an elf
but standing beside
an Elephant Ear
she appears to be!

Other plant comments re: Connecticut
Huge rhododendrums!
Big huge pine trees everywhere!
Lots of Blue jays and robins...

and here's a photo of the largest Sycamore tree in Connecticut.

Thanks Kim and Sean for such a nice respite from the usual grind! It was great to see both of you!

Right now as I type, with the weather in Chicago sunny and in the 70's and all windows open, Billie Holiday playing on the cd player, life is good! Looking forward to reading everyone's blogs and seeing what's been going on with you guys.


Greg said...

Welcome back. Boy, the Mark Twain house is very, very nice. I would probably come up with a cool persona if I lived there for 17 years too.

Three days with out a computer and you survived. So the rumor are true. Humans can survive without computers. I never would have thought it.

Scott in Washington said...

Welcome home Jocelyn!

kk said...

Welcome back, J!

I can only imagine how the persona of El Broke-o would flourish in the Mark Twain house, Greg.

Anonymous said...

Mark Twain and Beatrix Potter- and a good visit with your sister- sounds like a great trip. Mark Twain's house looks amazing. Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

cool it looks like a fancy faulty towers