Saturday, March 08, 2008

Are we there yet?

That's how the past few months have gone. Waiting for winter to end. I want to see some bulbs, buds, see a robin, maybe some juncos...please....

This winter was what we native Chicagoans call "a real Chicago winter" for a change. Lots of snow, with a dash of frigid cold thrown in, more snow, and then some more snow. Then a slight warm up and then...psyche! More snoooowwww...and cold...and snow...zzz....zzz...

My company also moved at the end of January. Winter is not the greatest time to move you know. Especially in the middle of a real Chicago winter. The new office is great, but I think we should start a betting pool on who next will fall ill with "the terrible flu" this year.

I should be grateful because I have not been among the illin'. I'm just one of the people left at work freaking out about all the work we have to do and how on earth will we get it done with everyone out sick all the time?

So, what am doing this weekend? Sitting on the sofa dammit. Oh, and we started making a "to-do list" for this spring/summer/fall. We've got work to do and I'm itchin' to get started.

For kicks, here is last year's list with what we were able to accomplish. Perhaps this will be of comfort to some of you, when you see how much on the list was and wasn't accomplished. Last summer was pretty light for us, really. Some of these items will be pushed out farther and some different things have been added. I'll do another post on this year's goals soon.

Fix single popped screw in mud room inset all nails in trimwork
Adjust hinges on swinging door so we can prop open with $50 hardware we purchased over a year ago...
Put in thresholds for bedroom & dining room
Restore/fix 2 stained glass windows
Add storm windows on all 4 stained glass windows
Refinish floors throughout
Refinish bathtub
Add electrical outlets and light to closet in Bedroom
Purchase & refinish salvage replacement doors for missing doors to den and front mud room
Strip Basement stair door and refinish
Strip trim in bedroom
Install ceiling fan in living room
re-paint radiator covers
Asbestos abatement in basement

Yard & Outdoors:
Install new awnings
Reframe and replace Garage entry door (Some adjustments needed...)
Paint front door
Replace basement windows
Install back yard side door Gate
Install dog run gate
Garage door wood framing paint
Paint front door

Front yard:
Jackhammer sidewalk in front to expand garden beds
Eliminate bed right along side of house and lay patio area
Plant evergreen trees and shrubs for interest in front yard

Fence on north side- new posts and stockade fence
New back porch deck? hahahaha!!!! now that's funny.
Plant evergreen trees and shrubs in backyard for privacy
Add some source of shade

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Fargo said...

You are sooo lucky that you haven't been illin'. I was sick for most of January, and it really sucked. And I don't get sick that often, rarely for more than a day or two.

On a more positive note, I'm seeing more bird activity. Yesterday I saw the tips of some new foliage from bulbs starting to appear. Yeah!!!!!