Thursday, March 27, 2008

Who says a little hard work doesn't pay off?

Today, we were featured in a special issue of the Chicago Reader, the leading arts & culture weekly publication in Chicago. The feature is called "The Nest" (Written by Laura Molzahn/Photography by Leslie Schwartz).

I must say we are in some pretty good company. Our section of the feature was called (not surprisingly) "The Bloggers". All the profiles were great. Of course I was super impressed with the one called "The Restorer".

Working on your house is by nature somewhat solitary work, so it's kind of neat to get recognition from "the world at large". Unless of course, you have a bunch of friends as crazy as you are who don't own their own home and really want practice. I don't know anyone like that.

Or then, you could have one of those renovation "parties..." Somehow I think the quality of the work might suffer while drinking alot of beer.

If you are coming to our site from the Reader article, welcome. Feel free to stay while and come back. We still have plenty of work to do!

If you are new to the phenomenon of houseblogging, I have to tell you, you've just hit the motherload. There are houseblogs of all kinds : Victorian, Craftman, Bungalows and then some. There are purists and there are the the tried and true. From the quirky to the romantic.

Perhaps you'll find kindred spirits as I have. Or maybe you'll just enjoy the stories. I myself find keeping up with people's lives over the years fascinating. And I know I'm not alone.


Joanne said...

Congratulations, you guys! I'm heading out to grab a Diet Coke at the local 7-11 now, so will look for it.

Sandy said...

Congratulations. That's a really nice picture of you two and the "babies". You deserve the recognition. You work hard, have done a wonderful job and have an excellent blog!

The North Coast said...

Congratulations! Great photo of you, the husband, and the "kids".

I love your place. The kitchen is great- a truly original, beautiful kitchen with no granite, steel, or pergo.

Your blog is inspiring and will trigger more north coast house blogs.

Now,there needs to be a Vintage High Rise Blog, or a Vintage Rogers Park Courtyard Blog. I won't know which until I buy a place.

Fargo said...

Congrats! Nice feature. I love the dining room and the kitchen. Wonderful to see a kitchen without stainless steel or granite.

We've got a stylistic horror of a kitchen. You've given me more inspiration.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

eeek, how very great! And the picture of the whole family is *great*. Yay!

And thank you so much for including My Marrakesh in your post - building a house in Morocco is not for the weak of heart!

John said...

Great story and pictures, congratulations!

Mike G said...

Congratulations on your Reader article.

OK if we post onto and add to our blog list?

Mike Glasser

Jocelyn said...

Hi Mike,

Yes, sure it's okay. Thanks

Art said...

FYI - the reader is a weekly arts and entertainment guide not monthly

Jocelyn said...

Typo! Thanks